Dead Ground

After an unknown epidemic, the Earth has virtually become a dead planet. Many people turned into unknown monsters, and only the strongest survived. Some survivors began to loot. They searched in abandoned cities for useful things and fought with the mutants. Some were more lucky, and some less so. You were one of the survivors who engaged in similar forays into the cities, but something went wrong and you are not sure where or how. You do not even remember your name. All you have left is an ax and a couple of firearms. The only thing that you remember well is how to chop off the heads of these damned zombies! How long will you last? An hour or two or maybe even a few days? The longer, the better. Get ready for the real test ...

Dead Ground in a nutshell:
- Fight with the crowds of zombies!
- Look for filters with air to survive!
- Choose one of the three classes, each with its own weapons and appearance!



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